Our Roots


Meghan Norman

Herbal Distiller, Yoga Teacher, Artist, Wellness Advocate


Hi I’m Meghan, owner and craftswoman of Healing Fern, a botanical and wellness brand from Amelia Island, FL. Inspired by nature’s beauty, the wisdom of yoga, and the healing properties of medicinal herbs, I’m proud to offer products and services to uplift your body, mind & spirit.

Healing Fern brings to life one of my passions ignited in 2009, on a quiet little farm near Portland, Oregon. There I gained experience growing a variety of fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers, learning the cycle of the plants as they were pollinated, bloomed and seeded across the seasons. My days on the farm hold an enormous place in my heart. It was during that time that I became inspired to make teas, tinctures, and herbal products, to learn about the immense healing potential of herbs and flowers, and to share that knowledge with others.

The most rewarding part of what I do is hearing the experiences and success stories from our customers, friends, family and Yoga students. I’ve always been drawn to help others by using herbal medicine, Yoga, meditation, art and gardening as tools of self-care to feel more connected to our true nature and to Mother Earth.

We love networking and making new friends! Email us at info@healingfern.com for inquiries, special requests or just to chat!



Dr. Brandi Whitehouse

Chiropractor / Wellness Coach / Aromatherapist

Hi, I’m Dr. Brandi and I’m passionate about helping others reach their fullest potential by empowering them to take charge of their health. I encourage them to eat clean organic foods, utilize medicinal herbs, practice using essential oils and help them live a holistic chiropractic lifestyle. I grew up on a farm in California where my mom always had a large garden filled with organic foods and fresh herbs and where the pastas and breads were made by hand. This down to earth way of living sparked my love to live and share with others, how to create a more natural and healthy life.

I believe that given the right tools, the body has the innate natural ability to heal itself. I find happiness in creating a variety of natural plant and herb based products that can benefit a person’s health, beauty, mind, and body. The best medicines can all be found in nature! My training and background are in chiropractic, functional nutrition, aromatherapy, and I look for the root cause for the many health challenges people face. We want our products to help people live and feel healthier each day so that their bodies and minds can last a lifetime!


botanically inspired.

clean for the body. relaxing for the mind.