Ayurveda: Translated from Sanskrit means "the wisdom of life", "the knowledge of longevity" or some call it "the sister science to Yoga".

Ayurveda is a timeless and ancient tradition coming from the Vedic culture of India that helps connect the mind, body and spirit. Much like Yoga, these Ayurvedic practices have been tested tried and true for thousands of years and is still relatable in today's time. It focuses on using foods, herbs, spices, and the seasons to heal the body from within. Recognizing imbalances by finding the core cause of the issue.

If the cause is deleted out of your daily routine, you may find yourself feeling better. For example: if you are feeling tired and irritable, try setting an earlier bedtime and drinking more water. Practice this for three to five days consistently, and see how you feel then. This will take a lot of practice and self control. Over time, you'll learn more about tuning into your senses, sensitivities, whole body awareness, and be able to maintain your own well-being and health overall.