1oz and 4oz Organic Moroccan Rose Hydrosols.

1oz and 4oz Organic Moroccan Rose Hydrosols.


"Hydro" = Water. "Sol" = Solution. Also known as "flower or herbal waters".  

Hydrosols are 100% steam distilled from fresh or dried plant matter such as; flowers, leaves, fruits, roots and other plant bits. Professional distillers typically use quality copper or glass equipment. I prefer to use a high grade Portuguese copper alembic still. I've listed below a few reasons as to why I enjoy working with copper so much:

  • Copper has been used for it's healing properties for quite some time, dating back to ancient Mesopotamia, Egypt and India.

  • In Ayurveda, the sister science of Yoga, copperized water is used as a natural antioxidant that helps balance the body's three doshas. Doshas are mind-body constitutions called kapha, vata and pitta.

  • Copper has a 7pH which is the best pH to neutralize toxins, ionize and balance water.

Did you know that hydrosols have a lot of similarities with essential oils? They are made by using the same distillation process! The only thing with hydrosols, is that they are MUCH less concentrated than essential oils and MUCH safer to use as well. Through distillation, the heat softens the fresh/dried plant material and allows the micronutrients from the plant to be disbursed and rise up through the steam. Once the steam reaches the cold condenser it turns into a liquid..the hydrosol. A very small percentage of essential oil is collected and floats on top of the hydrosol. This pure steam distillation process takes anywhere from 4 to 6 hours to complete.

Each Healing Fern hydrosol is thoughtfully hand crafted, stored in the refrigerator to maintain organic integrity, poured upon order, and shipped or delivered promptly for freshness and quality. Hydrosols are meant to be used every day as part of your morning and evening beauty regime. They are pure and organic with NO preservatives, ever. Please use your hydrosol within six months to one year from the date of purchase.