Solar Infused Herbal Oils

All Healing Fern body care oils are handcrafted in small batches on Amelia Island with the finest quality organic plant materials. The oil base is solar-infused with organic flowers, herbs, and/or roots for four to six weeks. After the herbs and nutrients have been infused into the oil, they are strained. A harmonious blend of essential oils and Vitamin E is added to the base oil for aromatherapy and healing purposes. Unscented oils are also available, email info@healingfern.com to let us know!

Some oils are great for the whole body during your daily abhyanga routine while other oils are better suited to be used as a dry spot treatment or as a light facial beauty oil. It is also very important to honor your skin and invite yourself to be mindful of your exercise, diet, and environment. How does it complement and coincide with your self care routine? Your everyday choices and micro decisions can make a great difference on your skin and health, just as much as the herbal remedies that you use.  

Most HF oil bases consist of either organic coconut oil or olive oil. Please know that Organic Jojoba, Evening Primrose, Almond oil, and other specialty oils can be blended upon special request and you may also find them sprinkled in our upcoming limited edition items. 

Let's chat! We would LOVE to help you find the perfect oil blend that meets your needs and provides specific nutrients for your skin. Put in your special request HERE ->>> 


Solar Infused Herbal Oils

  • All Healing Fern solar infused herbal oils are handcrafted over a six week period in small batches.

  • TSA approved ~ 1/3 oz. roller bottles, 1/2 oz. and 1 oz. dropper bottles available.

  • Perfect little gifts!

Solar infused healing oil

Solar infused healing oil

Go for convenience! Travel friendly roller blends

These TSA airport approved roller blends are great for your last minute weekend getaway or simply traveling around town on your daily errands. Perfect for my sensitive skin friends out there; Healing Fern roller blends are safely diluted for you with a consciously crafted solar infused carrier oil. 

Simply roll on a few easy to find pulse points and enjoy the benefits from these Healing Fern therapeutic blends. Your pulse points are areas on the body where your blood flow is most prominent, which in turn creates heat. Your body’s heat is like an activator for the healing benefits of the essential oils in the blend. Here are a several great pulse points to start with:

  • inside of your wrists and elbows

  • behind your earlobes on your neck

  • along inner thighs

  • behind the knees

  • inner ankles.


Savasana Healing Oil- Lavender and Meditation Blend

Soothing and gentle for all skin types. This relaxing and nourishing blend also promotes cell repair and growth. Helps treat sores, burns, rashes, bruises and skin irritations. Anti Inflammatory oil to heal thirsty skin. Lavender adds antimicrobial and calming properties.

Ingredients: Egyptian Calendula*, Egyptian Chamomile*, Coconut Oil* Lavender Essential Oil* and Vitamin E. (Organic*)

How to Use: Try a few drops, or roll on the back of hand, then massage backs of palms together to distribute nutrients for supreme knuckle and cuticle care.

Morning Facial Routine: Apply one to two drops oil and four full sprays of Savasana hydrosol into palm. Combine the two between palms and press onto clean skin evenly. Finish with another calming mist of hydrosol.

Oil Care: Store in a cool and dry place, out of direct sunlight, where the oil will keep for up to a year. 

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